Click to enlargeSurface Boost Pump
Delivers 2.1 GPM
at 500 foot lift!

Solar Boost pump for 2.1 GPM. Solar PV panels at 12 VDC for low head pumping. Lorentz Booster Pump produces line pressure for your tank or cistern. Solar PV panels wired in series for 24 VDC also power this pump. Solar PV panels and wind generators can charge batteries for this pump.

Air X wind generators 12/24 VDC with Solar PV panels 12/24 VDC for battery charging. Drive this efficiency pump with high performance solar pv panels.

LORENTZ Solar PV powered PS150-125 Boost Pressure Pump. Increase the pressure in your drinking water supply with the Boost 60. Solar PV Lifts up to 350' delivering 2.1 GPM.

The LORENTZ PS150 model 125 Boost provides city pressure. A standard in home power for 20 years. Solar PV pumping with Lorentz is economical. Used for Solar domestic water supply and water purification projects.

Lorentz booster pump series PS150 Boost system operates at 12 or 24 volts DC. Great for providing 24-hour operation from battery power. Use Solar PV panels and wind generators to charge your battery bank.

Excellent Boost Pump using solar pv power to increase your domestic line pressure.

Lorentz Solar Water Pump Surface Pump Boost Pressure Pump 125 PS150125