Click to enlargeSurface Boost Pump
Delivers 5.7 GPM
Up to 330 foot lift

When you need to increase your line pressure use the LORENTZ PS150-330 Boost Pressure Pump. Increase the pressure in your drinking water supply with the Boost 330. Lifts up to 330' delivering 5.7 GPM.

The LORENTZ PS150 model 240 Boost provides city water pressure. Lorentz solar booster pumps are a standard in home power systems since the mid eighties.

Solar PV powered booster pumps are economical for domestic water supplies,treatment, and water purification. Solar PV panels can be wired in series for 24 VDC. Solar PV panels in 12 VDC wired in parallel for more solar water pumping.

The PS150 Boost system operates at 12 or 24 volts DC, making it ideal for providing 24-hour operation from solar powered battery charging. Advanced motors are highly efficient and long lived.

Excellent Boost Pump to increase your line pressure for drinking water supply and irrigation systems. Solar pv panels power this pumping system for your garden, home, or cabin. Use solar PV power to provide your system line pressure.

Lorentz Solar Water Pump Surface Pump Boost Pressure Pump 330 PS150330