Click to enlargeSurface Pump for
Pools, Ponds, 
Solar Thermal systems

If you have a large aquarium, or pond to manage this pump is excellent. Solar PV panels produce strong voltages in high and low sun levels. High efficiency 64 GPM surface pump for low head. Lift up to 40 feet with this high performance surface pump.

Lorentz model PS600 CS-15 high volume surface pump designed to provide circulation through a filter system and thermal collectors. Lorentz surface pump PS600 operates at 48-72 volts DC. Lorentz surface solar pump CS-15 is our most popular surface pump for swimming pool circulation systems. Rising costs of electricity and pool owners turn to solar as a cost effective solution, compared to grid-tie AC pumps and systems.

This solar powered centrifugal type single stage pump system is designed for pool filtration recirculation. Thermal solar collectors with flow rates up to 64 GPM. Uses 48 VDC for operation from a battery.

This surface pump is salt water approved and offers a 2 year manufacturers warranty for materials and workmanship. Robust and well running this is a great pump.

Lorentz Solar Water Pump Surface Pump rated at 64 GPM at 40 foot lift PS600CS151