Click to enlargeRecirculation Pump
Delivers 150 GPM
Up to 45 foot lift.

If you have a large aquarium, or pond to manage this pump is excellent.

Solar PV panels in series for 72-96 VDC. Solar powered circulation pumps are great match for Solar PV. Strong voltage by your solar panels wired in series - gives high outputs. Voltage performance is vital for solar surface pumping. Solar PV panels can charge battery bank 12,24,48 VDC. Use DC/DC transformer to power this pump.

Lorentz PS1800 CS-15 is a high volume surface pump designed to provide circulation through a filter system and thermal collectors. Lorentz solar surface pump PS1800 works best at 72-96 volts DC. Motor is over 90% efficient at all voltages. Lorentz CS-15 surface pump can be use for swimming pool circulation - very popular for garden pumping too.

Solar PV powered centrifugal-type single stage pump system designed for pool filtration recirculation, and thermal solar collectors producing flow rates up to 150 GPM in the field. Your Solar array voltage should be between 72-96 VDC when your consider your solar pv panels.

This surface pump is salt water approved.

Warranty: 2-year manufacturers warranty for materials and workmanship great pump performance.

Robust and well running this is a great pump. Call 503-791-9567 for quote.

Lorentz Solar Water Pump Surface Pump Recirculation Pump 150 GPM PS1800CS37Retail Price: $1,798.00Sale Price: $1,674.00