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12 VDC

Truly low RPM generators rated up to 40 watts under load. These 12 Volt DC generators are specially designed to generate over 12 Volts under load with as little as 60 RPM.

Designed for vertical axis wind generators these generators are special in that the "Stator" wires are stationary, keeping them untangled, and the "Rotor" that attaches to the rotating power converter. In the case of vertical axis wind turbines, the rotor which is attached to the generator casing, turns causing the Neodymium Magnets to rotate past the internal stationary Stator copper coils producing electrical power.

These Low RPM generators contain Twenty Four (24) Neodymium high power magnets each measuring 1 inch in diameter and 3/8 " thick. These high power Neodymium magnets are rare-earth and valuable in their own right.

These low RPM generators for 12 Volt battery charging measure 7.5" in diameter, and 1 3/8" thick. Each generator is new and includes top of the pole adaptor for mounting using 3/8" pole.

Originally manufactured in Korea, these low RPM generators are unique and begin specifically designed to charge 12 Volt batteries at truly low rpm (60 RPM) under load. Use these generators for a wide range of experiments for vertical axis wind generators, low rpm micro hydro and other physical experiments where you need to produce over

DC Generator produces over 12 VDC at very low RPM under load for battery charging. Perfect, and rare to obtain with the stator wires threaded through your mounting post. This way the wires don't twist, only the Rotor rotates (magnets) and produces battery charging voltage and current.

Weight: 7.5 lbs

Low RPM Generator for 12 VDC up to 40 Watts LRPM40Retail Price: $149.00Sale Price: $89.00

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Box of Six (6) Low RPM High Power Generators LRPM-12-6Retail Price: $544.00Sale Price: $399.00