Click to enlargeUniversal NiCd/NiMH
Battery Charger

Charge NIMH and NICD batteries using this plug in universal charger. When you need to charge NICd or NIMH batteries consider this universal charger from Maha. Charge your unusual batteries other than lead-acid with this universal charging platform.

The incredible Maha Universal Charger - Conditioner is designed for almost Any Type of NiMH - NiCad Batteries. This true universal rapid charger & conditioner accommodates all of your consumer and professional charging needs when you Need your NiCad batteries brought back to full charge and fast.

This single rapid charger that will charge personal electronics including:

Cell Phones, Scanners, GPS, tables Camcorders & Digital Cameras, Power Tools, PDAs, Notebook Computers, Two-Way Radios and other electronics

The Maha Universal charger Features:

Truly Rapid charging for nearly all types of rechargeable NiCD & NiMH without the use of any additional cups, clips or adapters accessories.

The Maha universal charger uses the "movable contact pin" technology which can be reconfigured for various types of NiCd battery packs you may have.

The Maha universal charger includes a Built-in power conditioning feature which rejuvenates and revives your old battery packs from near death to fully charged.

One Year Warranty

The Maha universal charger Includes Automatic voltage sensing range from 4.8V to 12V NiCD & NiMH batteries or battery packs.

Maha universal charger included Wall socket & 12 Volt Cigarette Lighter Adapters.

Weight: 12 lb.

Maha Universal Battery Charger for Lithium Ion and NiCd batteries MHC777Retail Price: $199.00Sale Price: $189.00

Click to enlargeMaha Charger w/ 10 Watt PV PanelAdd this 10 watt Solar Panel to your Maha Unviersal Battery Charger and you have a great way to charge your NiCd and NiMH batteries in the field.

MHC777SDI10XXRRetail Price: $199.00Sale Price: $159.00
Click to enlargeClip Leads for External Batteries
MHS-CW4Retail Price: $9.00Sale Price: $8.00