Click to enlargeMariposa Concentrator Solar PV Panel
80 Watt PV panel
10 Kilowatt Minimum Order

The MARIPOSA concentrator module is a solar PV panel which uses a patented concentrator/housing to increase the output of high-efficiency monocrystalline cells.

Solar concentrating solar cells and systems take advantage of a photovoltaic cells response characteristic that more light intensity means more current produced by the solar cell. Temperature control is achieved with the Mariposa technology by combining the solar pv cell housing into a heat sink, and thermal radiator drawing off heat from the concentrated solar cells to the large surface area of the is one piece housing/heat sink.

Concentrating Solar photovoltaics is one of the most promising solar research and development directions in the solar field. Enormous energy densities can be achieved with high concentration ratios, though for photovoltaics there is a balance between concentration ratio, and how much current the solar cell can carry without I squared R losses. For a given wire the resistance of a wire increases to the square of the amps passing through it. Best to use high voltage and lower the amps through the wires.

Tested at Sandia National Laboratories, and has been in steady use at Home Power Magazine (August/Sept2000) and is the world's only commercially available low concentration PV module.

The sun is an optical resource, yet, today's flat-plate and thin-film solar technologies make little use of that fact. The MARIPOSA uses a strong, anti-corrosive material to intensify sunlight to twice it's normal value. At these higher concentration levels amperage increases and the efficiency of the cells are augmented. (See Sandia National Lab. testing data Solardyne Corp., 1994). Use this 10,000 watt solar PV array for net metering and large home power systems. Also good for large water pumping arrays.

A technology transfer program is also offered by Solardyne Corporation for licensed production of the MARIPOSA concentrator by solar cell laminating companies worldwide.

To purchase Mariposa modules a minimum order of 10 Kw is required.

Price FOB Portland, Oregon $2.99 cents per watt.

Mariposa Solar PV Concentrator Solar PV Module - 10 Kilowatt Solar Array MP80Retail Price: $32,569.00Sale Price: $29,999.00

Click to enlargeThermograph of MARIPOSA solar array rated at 1 Kw

The MARIPOSA solar PV panels use 40 percent less expensive solar PV material as normal flat-plate technologies. Shown above is a thermograph taken at Sandia National Laboratories of the heat-transfer characteristics of the MARIPOSA technology.

Note how the structure acts as a large heat-sink dissipating the heat away from the PV cell laminates.

The Mariposa Concentrating Solar Power technology recognizes that solar energy is radiation, it's light. And, light of different wavelengths (colors), and therefore energies associated with each wavelength. The Mariposa technology also considers the optical ray path of light that comes from the sun.

The sun is a disk from the perspective of someone on Earth. This disk has a diameter of about 1/2 degrees arc. This has enormous implications for optical systems, and the Mariposa technology uses non-imaging optical elements to reflect and mix those wavelengths evenly across the photovoltaic panels, increasing output.

Looking for a concentrating solar energy technology. The Mariposa solar concentrator uses non-imaging optics to increase the output of solar cell laminates.