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Solar grid tie net metering combiner box for solar PV arrays. Combine solar PV panels 150/300/600 VDC. MidNite Solar Combiner Box Model: MNPV4HVDD

Maximum Output Wire Size: #1/0

Maximum Number of 150 VDC Breakers: 0

Maximum Number of 300 VDC Breakers: 0

Maximum Number of 600 VDC Breakers: 4

Maximum Output Circuits: 1

Rugged powder-coated aluminum quality rainproof array combiner boxes will accept DIN mount 150 V circuit breakers. Accepts MidNite 300 VDC breakers, or 600 VDC fuse holders for grid-tie PV arrays. Rugged plastic cover provides a dead front for safety. Covers can be knocked out for either breakers or fuse holders with this combiner box.

Grid tie offers both a negative busbar and ground bar are included. Aluminum NEMA 3R enclosures approved to be mounted at angles from 90 to 14 degrees (14 degrees = 3/12 slope). UL listed for the U.S. and Canada.

Grid-tie Solar MidNite Disco line of PV combiners with disconnects incorporates NEC 2011 requirements. The disconnect handle is bright red for visibility and can be locked in the off position.

Combiner models can be configured for bi-polar or ungrounded inverters. Both the positive and negative legs of the array need circuit protection (maximum output current is split also). Combiner models are available for 150 VDC, 300 VDC, 600 VDC, or 1000 VDC arrays.

Rugged grid tie solar PV combiners are made from powder coated aluminum for maximum corrosion and sunlight resistance for long life in harsh environments. Clear see-through dead front is supplied with all disco combiners. Combiner box models are available with either NEMA 3R or NEMA 4X ratings. Many of these come with a shunt trip disconnect enables the MNDiscoPSB to trip the disconnect remotely. MNSPD-600 is included standard with many of these combiners. Great solar PV grid tie combiner box.

Dimensions (Inches): 15.4 x 18.4 x 5

Weight: 10 lbs.

MidNite Solar Combiner Box with Disconnect Model: MNPV4HVDD 053-02991Retail Price: $599.00Sale Price: $559.00