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185 Watt
24 Volts

Solar PV Panel solar module rated at 185 Watts DC.

As a general manufacturerof electrical machinery and appliances, Mitsubishi electric Corporation offers a legacy of innovation.

Solar PV panel model: UD185MF5 Module

This Mitsubishi solar pv module is designed for use in high-voltage grid-connected applications, and also can be used in large industrial and off-grid applications for battery charging or Grid Tie net metering home power solar systems.

Include an appropriate MPPT charge controler such as the Outback MX-60 or BlueSky Solar Boost for safe and effective battery charging from your solar array. Interconnect these

These Solar pv modules use 50 square polycrystalline high efficiency 155 mm cells, wired in series behind tempered glass, with anodized aluminum frames and Multi-Contact output cables for high quality construction.

Positive and negative cables come from junction boxes at opposite ends of the module make wiring and interconnection simple. Made in Japan.

Mitsubishi Solar PV panels offer 25 YEAR power output warranty.

Rated Peak Power: 170 Watts DC

Dimensions: Length: 62.2" (1580mm), Width: 31.5" (800mm), Depth: 1.8" (46mm)

If you're putting together larger solar pv panel arrays for your project, or light commercial or large residential, these modules are a great choice. Use these solar pv panels for home power, grid tie, net metering systems. Use these solar modules in arrays for Solar well water pumping systems.

Ship weight: 32 lb.

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