MK Sealed 50 Amp-hours
Deep Cycle Battery
12 VDC

Maintenance-free deep cycle batter for your solar PV and wind generator off grid system. Solar PV panels including SolarTech 125 watt 12 VDC are great for charging these batteries. Wind generators Air X, Air 30, Air 40, and Air Breeze marine all have 12 VDC charging options. Use MK Sealed Battery or batteries for your home power system.

Sealed, recombinant battery, AGM type, 12 Volt, 55 Ah,

Battery Voltage(V) 12

Weight 38.5 (17.5kg)

Length (mm) 9.38 (238mm)

Width (mm) 5.50 (140mm)

Height (mm) 9.25 (235mm)

Milliohms Resistance 3.0

Operating Temp -40F (-40C) - 140F (60C)

Float Charging Voltage 2.25 - 2.30VPC

Cycle Service Charging Voltage 2.40 - 2.43VPC

Capacity at C/100 63

Capacity at C/20 55

Terminal T881

Sealed maintenance free battery 50 Ah rating. 12 VDC battery can be combined for 12/24/48 VDC battery banks. Ideal for remote home power, cabins, and other remote power needs.

MK Sealed 50 Amp-hour Maintenance Free Deep Cycle Battery 12 VDC 040-03120Retail Price: $239.00Sale Price: $219.00