MK Sealed 225 Amp-hour Battery
Deep-Cycle Maintenance Free
12 Volts DC

Deep Cycle MK Battery rated at 225 Ah. 12 VDC battery for solar PV and wind generator off grid home power. Large battery capacity 225 Ah means large power outputs and rates. Use SolarTech 125 watt 12 VDC solar PV panels for charging these big batteries.

Off grid solar and wind MK batteries are excellent for robust and effective use in the field. These sealed batteries provide a way to store your Solar PV or Wind generated energy. Be sure to match the charge controller to the battery voltage you select for your battery bank.

Sealed, recombinant battery, AGM type, 12 Volt, 200 Ah, C/100 - 216 Ah

Battery Nominal Voltage(V) 12

Weight: 129 lb. (58.5kg)

Length (mm) 20.75 (527mm)

Width (mm) 8.5 (216 mm)

Height (mm) 11 (279 mm)

Milli-ohms Resistance 3.0

Operating Temp -40F (-40C) - 140F (60C)

Float Charging Voltage 2.25 - 2.30VPC

Cycle Service Charging Voltage 2.40 - 2.43VPC

Capacity at C/100 216

Capacity at C/20 200

Terminal T975

Large 12 VDC 225 Ah battery for home power. Sealed and maintenance free means they are safe to work with and use. There is no out-gassing issue and these batteries really pack a punch. Ideal for your solar and wind off grid home power system.

MK Sealed Battery 225 Ah Maintenance-Free Deep Cycle Battery 12 VDC 040-03132Retail Price: $829.00Sale Price: $788.00