Sealed Battery 33 Ah
12 VDC Maintenance-Free 
Battery Solar and Wind
Power System

Deep cycle battery rated at 33 Ah. Maintenance-free 12 VDC Battery. Combine in parallel for your solar PV and wind generator off grid system.

Off grid solar MK Sealed Batteries are an excellent choice for your 12, 24, and 48 VDC Solar or Wind battery charging system. Match your charge controller and battery voltage when designing your system. Sealed batteries offer a safer and maintenance free electrical storage capacity and MK makes some of the best.

Sealed, recombinant battery, AGM type, 12 Volt, 32.5 Ah, C/100 - 37 Ah

Nominal Voltage(V) 12

Weight 24 (11kg)

Length (mm) 8.31 (211mm)

Width (mm) 5.13 (130mm)

Height (mm) 7.25 (184 mm)

Milli-ohms Resistance 3.0

Operating Temp -40F (-40C) - 140F (60C)

Float Charging Voltage 2.25 - 2.30VPC

Cycle Service Charging Voltage 2.40 - 2.43VPC

Capacity at C/100 37

Capacity at C/20 32.5

Terminal T873

Great sealed battery for remote power supplies. The gelled electrolyte won't stratify, so no equalization required. Off grid solar and wind remote home power gel cell. Use SolarTech 125 watt 12 VDC solar PV panels for battery charging. Whisper 100, Air X, Air 30, Air 40, Air Breeze Marine have 12/24/48 VDC battery charging options.

MK Sealed 33 Amp-hour 12 VDC Maintenance Free Battery Solar PV Wind 040-03117Retail Price: $179.00Sale Price: $169.00