Sealed Deep Cycle
Battery rated at 97 Ah
12 Volts DC

Off grid solar and wind system deep cycle battery. MK sealed battery rated at 97 Ah 20-hour rate. Durable 12 VDC battery you can combine for 12/24/48 VDC systems. Off grid MK Batteries are an excellent selection for 12, 24 and 48 Volt DC Charging systems.

Producing electricity from your Solar PV or wind generator can be stored in these robust and effective sealed batteries. Mount these sealed batteries horizontally or vertically.

Sealed, recombinant battery, AGM type, 12 Volt, 79 Ah, C/100 - 91 Ah

Deep cycle battery Voltage(V) 12

Weight: 53 lb (24kg)

Length (mm) 10.25 (260mm)

Width (mm) 6.75 (171mm)

Height (mm) 9.88 (251mm)

Milli-ohms Resistance 3.0

Operating Temp -40F (-40C) - 140F (60C)

Float Charging Voltage 2.25 - 2.30VPC

Cycle Service Charging Voltage 2.40 - 2.43VPC

Capacity at C/100 91

Capacity at C/20 79

Use SolarTech 12 VDC 125 watt solar panels for charging your MK deep cycle battery. Designed for home power this 97 Ah battery is a workhorse. Use Air X, Air 40, Air 30 wind generators to charge your battery banks. Match battery system voltage with all input Charge-controller voltages.

MK Battery Sealed 97 Amp-hour Maintenance-Free 12 VDC 040-03126Retail Price: $599.00Sale Price: $575.00