Solar PV Panel Solar Module Charge Controller Morning Star Prostar PS-15

When you charge batteries with solar PV panels you need to control the charging to protect your batteries from over charging, and over discharging. The Prostar is famous for its quality of manufacture and performance in the field. Control your batteries health by regulating your Solar PV Panel and Solar Module battery charging systems with this Charge Controller and Lighting Controller.

Morningstar's ProStar is the world's leading mid-range solar controller for both professional and consumer applications, and has a proven line of protection for Solar pv panels and solar module battery charging.

This second generation ProStar:

Adds new features and protections using highly advanced technology and high quality control manufacturing for performance.

Provides longer battery life and improved system performance by protecting your battery bank.

Sets new standards for reliability and self-diagnostics providing real optimization in the field.

Standard Features:

Estimated 15 year life, PWM series battery charging (not shunt), 3-position battery select: gel, sealed or flooded.

Very accurate control and measurement

The Prostar has a Jumper to eliminate telecom noise

Ideal for tough environments: conformal coating, stainless-steel fasteners and anodized aluminum heat sink.

No switching or measurement in the grounded leg 100% solid state.

Very low voltage drops due to advanced control

Current compensated low voltage disconnect (LVD)

LED's indicate battery status and faults

Capable of 25% overloads

The Morning Star Prostar PS-15 is a robust charge controller ideal for your 12 VDC Solar PV or wind generator battery charging system. Includes remote battery voltage sense terminals.

Electronic Protections:

Short-circuit - solar and load, Overload - solar and load, Reverse polarity, Reverse current at night

High voltage disconnect HVD

High temperature disconnect HTV

Loads protected from voltage spikes

Shipping weight: 7 lb.

020-1120Retail Price: $159.00Sale Price: $139.00