Charge Controller for 48 VDC Systems
15 Amps

Protect your 48 VDC Battery or battery bank using this top of the line battery charge controller. Large battery voltages require advanced control electronics and the Prostar is a proven charge controller in remote and extreme locations. You can use this Charge Controller and lighting Controller with your Solar PV Panel and Solar Module battery charging systems. Regulating the voltage of your battery, under load, insures that you don't over charge or over discharge your battery bank which can cause damage to your battery bank.

Morningstar's ProStar is the world's leading mid-range solar controller for both professional and consumer applications. This second generation ProStar:

Standard Features:

Estimated 15 year life in the field

PWM series battery charging (not shunt)

Charge controller 3-position battery select: gel, sealed or flooded - wide range of battery type controller.

Very accurate control and measurement electronics.

Jumper to eliminate telecom noise.

Parallel for up to 300 amps.

Temperature compensation enhanced.

Conformal coating, stainless-steel fasteners and anodized aluminum heat sink.

No switching or measurement in the grounded leg 100% solid state.

Very low voltage drops under load and standard conditions.

Current compensated low voltage disconnect (LVD)

LED's indicate battery status and faults

Capable of 25% overloads

Remote battery voltage sense terminals

Electronic Protections:

Short-circuit - solar and load

Overload - solar and load

High voltage disconnect (HVD)

High temperature disconnect (HTD)

Lightning and transient surge protection - a great feature of Prostar

Loads protected from voltage spikes, under load.

Automatic recovery with all protections using enhanced electronics.

Weight: 7 lb.

Solar PV Panel Solar Module Charge Controller Morning Star Prostar PS15M48PB Charge Controller at 15 Amps 020-1126Retail Price: $259.00Sale Price: $239.00