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The Whisper 200 wind turbine is rated at 1000 watts at 27 mph average wind speed. The Whisper 200 wind generator produces 1 Kw of power, excellent for charging Home Power Systems or remote water pumping sites.

With a blade diameter of 10 feet the Whisper 200 is quiet, dependable and proven in the field. The blades are made from Fiberglass-Carbon fiber for long life and durability in the field. The tower top weight is 65 lbs with a lateral thrust of 250 lbs. This wind generator has two blades and has excellent cut in characteristics.

The Whisper 200 is often used for direct water pumping, and/or grid-tied or stand-alone home power sytems and electric heating. Use a diversion load controller to dump excess power to a heating element to protect your batteries from over charging.

The Whisper 200 mounts on standard 2.5" #40 pipe.

The Whisper 200 wind generator features a permanent magnet brushless alternator, EZ wire 120 amp controller allow up to 700 watts of additional PV panels (with EZwire upgrade below), cast aluminum housing, 2 year warranty,

Start-up wind speed: 7.0 mph (3.1 m/s)

The Whisper 200 powers applications from remote homes, grid tie net metering systems to water pumping. Get the most out of the wind with a larger swept area. The Whisper 200ís 9-foot (2.7 m) blade has almost twice the swept area of the Whisper 100, yielding twice the energy. A high voltage model is available for transmission over long distances.

The Whisper 200 does produce more sound than itís 100 counterpart, but it does produce almost twice the power. This is a normal characteristic for larger wind turbines.

In addition to its patented smooth acting side furling design, the Whisper 200 has a number of features that make it ideal for any new or existing photovotaic system so you can combine solar and wind for day and night battery charging.

The whisper 200 wind generator has new four bearing spindle for a smoother operation and longer life. An upgraded Yaw shaft that more efficiently delivers current to your batteries keeping them charged. Also, new bronze bushing and larger diameter furling pin for smoother furling action. New castings that allow easy access to the stator for changing voltage control.


Kilowatt Hours/Month: 200 kWh/mo at 12 mph (5.4 m/s)

Rotor Diameter: 9 feet (2.7 m)

System Voltage: 24, 48 VDC (high voltage available)

Rated Power: 1000 watts at 26 mph (11.6 m/s)

Turbine Controller: Whisper Charge Controller (included)

Warranty: 5 year limited warranty

Whisper 200 Wind Generator rated at 1000 watts 16-1180Retail Price: $5,315.00Sale Price: $4,915.00Voltage: 

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65 Foot, 8 guy wire Tower Kit for Whisper 200This Tower Kit includes all the hardware, base and full instructions you'll need to put up this 47 ft. tower quickly and safely. Pipe, tube, anchors, lift-line, etc. not included. Wind Generator mounts on standard 2.5" #40 steel or galvanized pipe.

Intended for use with Whisper 200.

65 Foot, 8 guy wire Tower Kit for Whisper 200 14met47ft8gu1Retail Price: $799.00Sale Price: $699.00
80 Foot 8 guy wire Tower Kit for Whisper 200This 80 foot Tower Kit for the Whipser 200 includes hardware, base and complete instructions for installing your tower. Not included is pipe, tube, anchors and lift-line which you can source locally.

The wind generator mounts on standard 2.5" #40 pipe.

80 Foot 8 guy wire Tower Kit for Whisper 200 10161101Retail Price: $899.00Sale Price: $859.00