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OutBack is introducing the first deep cycle front terminal rack mount batteries to the solar industry. Ideal for solar and wind home power systems. Advanced design for integrity and safety.

Off grid battery rack with fusing. These batteries and enclosure install more easily and in less space than other rack-mounted solutions. As sealed AGM batteries, they require no electrolyte maintenance and are made for both cycle and float service. The large capacity of these batteries reduces the number of parallel strings required to serve a stand-alone or backup power system. These are rated for 600 cycles at 80% depth of discharge, and 1,800 cycles at 50% depth of discharge.

The protected front terminal cable attachment allows safe, easy, space efficient installations. One bus bar is included with each battery and is used to make series connections between side-by-side batteries. Made in USA.

OutBack Integrated Battery Rack

The OutBack enclosure is designed to work with the OutBack EnergyCell batteries and provides unsurpassed safety and ease of install. This enclosure is set up for a 48 VDC nominal battery system with one, two, or three parallel strings of OutBack EnergyCell RE batteries. The enclosure incorporates a circuit breaker for each 48 VDC parallel battery string. Having the wiring for each battery string already in place saves time in specifying and installing a battery bank. The cabling is balanced in length for even charge and discharge on each string, and provides a common connection point for cabling to the inverter and power system. Each string is wired with AWG 1/0 cable and a 175 A circuit breaker. The enclosure is heavy powder coated aluminum with clear polycarbonate covers for the front and electrical connections. Also available is a convenient conduit knockout for the cables to the inverter power system (not included). A shunt kit is available (not included) that can be installed on the negative bus bar.

Dimensions: 22 x 4.95 x 12.60

Weight: 131 lbs.

Outback Battery Rack Model: 200RE 040-01171Retail Price: $1,699.00Sale Price: $1,659.00