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Schneider Electric
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Schneider Electric Outdoor EV-Link EV Charging Station Model: EV230WSRR

Schneider Electric offers a wide range of electric vehicle charging stations for both residential and commercial applications. Electric Vehicle charging from the grid, or from your solar PV Module arrays, or wind generators produce a truly clean transportation option. This outdoor model is RFID enabled for wireless remote monitoring.

The Schneider charging stations mount on the wall of a garage, or outdoors on the side of a building. Installation with a standard 240 VAC socket and plug is suggested to keep the unit portable, and accessible.

RFID access is only available on the outdoor version, which also features a NEM A 3R weatherproof enclosure for advanced protection from the environment.

These Schneider electric Level 2 charging stations can charge most EV batteries in 3 to 8 hours with the standard S AE J1772 compliant output plug fitting the receptacles of most popular EVs and Plug-in Hybrid-Electric Vehicles including the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt and Toyota's new plug-in Prius cars.

The Schneider EV Link charging stations also features user-friendly interface, integrated ground fault protection and automatic restart following a corrected ground fault.

The Schneider EV charger is an Excellent Outdoor charger - attractive, safe and efficient. For use with 120/208/240 VAC with RFID. Being RFID enabled this excellent EV Charger offers convenience, performance and management to your EV fleet.

For maximum output, your EV charger installation will require a 240 VAC source with a 40 A two-pole circuit breaker capable of a 30 A continuous load per charging unit. Dual chargers require twice the current, or two separate circuits for proper operation.

Shipping weight: 62 lb.

Outdoor EV Charging Station Schneider Electric with RFID 089-01504Retail Price: $3,495.00Sale Price: $3,249.00