Click to enlargeOutBack FLEXware 500
3.0 Kw Off-Grid
Power Center
for 48 VDC

Off-grid solar power center rated at 3,000 watts AC. Integrated power center controls your 48 VDC battery charging. Inverter output single phase 120 VAC 60 Hz. Ideal power center for solar PV and wind generator battery charing. Battery charging voltage 48 VDC.

Off-Grid FLEXware 500 Systems feature the following:

OutBack FLEXware Off-Grid Power Center Model: FX3048TS

Continuous AC Power Rating: 3,000 Watts

Battery System Voltage: 48 VDC

AC Output Voltage: 120 VAC/60 Hz

Off grid solar FLEXware 500-based system will residential, light commercial or rural electrification systems. Off grid solar PV battery and wind generator control center FLEXware 500 power panel will support up to two FX Series inverter/chargers and two (2) FlexMax charge controllers for system flexibility.

Off grid solar power center includes the FLEXware 500 AC and DC enclosures, a backplate, DC inverter breakers, 120/240 VAC bypass breaker assembly. Includes MATE3, HUB4, and RTS remote temperature sensor ensbled. All components factory mounted and wired. Two-inverter systems also come with an X-240 balancing auto-transformer completes this home power controller.

Solar off grid home power includes AC and DC circuit breakers, and the FLEXnet battery monitor. X-240 auto-transformer can be added to a single inverter panel for 120/240 VAC output or input, but not both. Solar off grid power center is ideal when you need reliability and safety.

Deep cycle 48 VDC battery bank can be charged with REC Solar PV panels rated at 250 watts 24 VDC. Wire in series for 48 VDC battery charging. Wind generator Whisper 100 can charge your 48 VDC battery bank. Combine wind generators with solar PV panels for the greatest charging profile.

OutBack FLEXware 3,000 Watt Off-Grid Power Center for 48 VDC 033-00337Retail Price: $3,795.00Sale Price: $3,595.00