Click to enlargeOutBack GTFX
2.5 Kw Inverter
for 24 VDC Systems

OutBack GTFX 2.5 Kw Inverter for 24 VDC Battery Banks.

OutBack Model: GTFX2524

Output AC Voltage: 120 VAC/60 Hz

No Load Draw: 20 Watts

Charging Amps: 55 Amps

Solar PV panels including REC Solar 250 watt 24 VDC for battery charging. Use Whisper 100 wind generator and Air X, Air 30 and Air 40 24 VDC.

Off grid solar PV OutBack G-Series inverter/chargers are the grid-interactive versions in OutBack's FX inverter line. Available in either sealed (GTFX) or vented (GVFX) models, these inverters allow you to sell solar, wind, and/or hydro power back to the utility grid. If the utility power goes down, the inverter will automatically isolate themselves from the grid and use a battery bank and/or your renewable energy source(s) to power your critical loads. The inverter can be set up so that either utility power or your renewable sources (PV array, wind turbine, etc.) can be used after an outage to recharge the battery bank. AC power is seamlessly switched between utility and battery power through the inverter's built-in 60A transfer switch.

Solar and wind off grid OutBack grid-interactive system, backup AC power is made available 24 hours a day in the event of a utility outage, providing reliable power and peace of mind. At night, the inverter's automatic power save mode ensures that energy is not wasted by needlessly charging your batteries from the utility grid. With a healthy battery bank, daily energy rodction efficiency is very close to that of typical grid-intertie systems without backup. Up to two G-Series inverters can be "stacked" for 120/240V output.

Solar off grid OutBack Inverters come with a standard 5-year warranty with an optional 10-year extended warranty available where required by state incentive prorams and are Listed to UL 1741 for U.S. and Canada.

Weight: 63 lbs.

OutBack GTFX 2,500 Watt Off Grid Charger Inverter for 24 VDC 030-04025Retail Price: $2,595.00Sale Price: $2,395.00