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Display Unit

PentaMetric Battery Monitor Display Unit.

PentraMetric Battery Monitor Display Unit Model: PM-100D

The Pentametric Battery Monitor Display unit measures up to 2 separate battery systems with a common negative. With one battery system, meter monitors battery current plus two charging sources/loads. Monitor 12/24/48 VDC battery banks.

The complete system consists of an input unit placed near the batteries, a display unit that can be placed up to 1,000' from the battery bank, and computer interface unit.

The Battery Monitor can monitor up to 3 shunts: For example, measure total solar input and wind input independently in addition to monitoring battery "state of charge." Audible and visual alarms warn of high and low battery conditions. An optional Windows software interface allows control of and access to all data from the computer.

A relay output allows control of a generator or external alarm.

2-year warranty.

PentaMetric Battery Monitor Display Unit 028-00011Retail Price: $349.00Sale Price: $299.00

PentaMetric Battery Monitor Input Unit 028-00013Retail Price: $259.00Sale Price: $239.00
PentaMetric Battery Monitor Computer Interface with Ethernet 028-00015Retail Price: $249.00Sale Price: $229.00