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Battery Enclosure
for Two Batteries 4D

Off grid side pole battery box. Designed for two (2) batteries type 4D. Solar pv panels charge batteries ideal for side pole battery box. Side-Of-Pole Battery Enclosures by Power Fab.

Use side pole mounting for your two batteries. Solar PV panels charge batteries for LED lighting, small water pumping, and other remote energy needs. Solar PV panels such as SolarTech 125 watt 12 VDC make excellent battery chargers.

Attractive side-of-pole mount aluminum NEMA 3R hinged door boxes from DPW Solar are available for several battery sizes and battery/equipment configurations. They are made to order from 0.125" 5052-H32 aluminum with white powder coating, and can be built to meet specific application requirements. The doors have padlock hasps and stainless steel continuous hinges. Each box has a removable control-mounting plate, screened vents and two 7/8" diameter wire entrance holes.

Note: For Two Batteries type 4D

Model: BB2-8G4D-HC

Dimensions: 12 x 24 36

Power Fab Side-Of-Pole Battery Enclosure for Two Batteries 048-04291Retail Price: $779.00Sale Price: $749.00