Click to enlargePortable Solar Power
in the Field rated
at 25 Watts DC
12 VDC

Folding Solar PV panel rated at 12 Watts DC at 12 VDC.

When you need serious solar energy out in the field consider this high quality folding solar PV panel. Composed of flexible high efficiency solar cells this folding solar panel is top of the line.

This folding solar panel model SP25 from Global Solar is perfect where weight and space really matter.

This light-weight and portable folding solar pv panel is rated at 25 watts produces 12 VDC and several amps of current at full sun.

Power your consumer electronics, cell phones, radios, lights, cameras, laptops, and other electronics when you're camping, fishing or enjoying the outdoors but still need DC power.

Coming in just under a two pounds, the SUNLINQtm Portable Solar Panel, which is rated at 25 Watts Model SP25 is an ideal choice for your DC consumer electronics.

Folding 25 watt solar PV panel Product Features:

Flexible solar cells for durability and survivability outdoors.

Features a Wide power range

Very Tough rip-stop nylon or Urethane backing for mechanical support

Made with strong grommets for mounting or securing the panel in the field easy to lash to your backpack.

12V VDC loads up to 2 amps under load.

Folding solar panel is Weatherproof and UV resistant.

Includes reserve current diode protection to protect your solar PV panels from over-current damage.

The SUNLINQ 25-Watt (model: SP25) is ideal for hiking, camping, sporting events, on campus or anywhere outdoors including the beach.

Folding solar PV panel is Light weight, at only 1.8 lbs.

Dimensions: (opened) 41.25" x 21.5" x 0.3"

Dimensions: (folded) 11" x 8.25" x 0.7"

Run your electronics and/or charge your electronics with portable solar PV panels for 12 VDC electrical loads.

Weight: 8 lb.

Portable Folding Solar PV Panel Solar Module 25 Watts Solar PV module pofosopvpa25Retail Price: $429.00Sale Price: $399.00