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Rated at 9 watts

Super light weight Solar PV Panel Roll Up type rated at 9 watts DC. Use your Roll up solar pv panel for camping, hiking, boating, RV, and other outdoor activities when you need solar energy in remote sites. Durable and designed for harsh environments the roll up solar power panel is ideal for your personal electronics.

The solar PowerFilm® technology combines solar panels (using thin film on strong plastic) is developed and manufactured with an advanced proprietary roll procedure and this Roll up solar pv panel is truly easy to roll, and actually rolls up. Lightweight, robust and powerful, with excellent electrical response characteristics in low sun levels, the PowerFilm technology is a great choice for field work, and remote sites where solar power can really help.

This Roll up 9 Watt solar PowerFilm solar panel is fully integrated eliminating the need for damage-prone manual connectors for easy connection. The PowerFilm products are silicon based, a natural resource non toxic and in abundant supply around the world.

The Roll up solar PowerFilm panels are paper thin for ultimate portability, and are unsurpassed in flexibility, strength, and are durable. Ideal portable solar pv panel for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities, and when you're in the field.

The Roll Up Folding Solar PV panel model: R15-600 model is rated at 9 watts DC.

Dimensions: Length 38" with Width 11.5"

Weight: 1 lb.

Ship weight: 4 lb.

This tough roll up module is sized for easy deployment and produces reliable solar energy for your battery charging electronics.

PowerFilm Solar Module Roll Up Solar PV Panel 9 watts 011-05103Retail Price: $259.00Sale Price: $199.00