Click to enlargeRoll Up Solar PV Panel
rated at 18 Watts DC

Highly portable Roll Up Solar PV Panel rated at 18 watts. Producing over 1 amp when in direct sun this portable roll up solar panel is a light weight solar power option when you're camping, hiking, or just in a remote site from tropical islands to mountain tops.

The roll up solar pv panel PowerFilm® technology combines solar cells and is developed and manufactured with an advanced roll process that actually allows you to Roll them up. Lightweight and powerful and tolerant of low moisture levels this portable solar pv panel has excellent power response in low light levels.

This Roll up solar module PowerFilm solar panel is made of non toxic silicon, a natural resource in widespread supply. PowerFilm is Cadmium and heavy metal free. This PowerFilm solar technology performs well in extreme environments, including hot tropical sun, and high altitude.

PowerFilm Roll Up Solar pv products are paper thin, and very easy to stow, or deploy on your backpack while your hiking. Great for boating, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities where you need solar battery charging.

Charge and run your 12 DC appliances out in the field.

The PowerFilm R15-1200 model is rated at 18 watts DC

The Dimensions of this Rolled out panel:

Length 73"

Width 12"

Solar PV pane weight: 1.9 lbs.

Power your consumer electronics with this powerful roll up solar pv panel producing 18 watts in the field.

PowerFilm Solar Module Roll Up Solar PV Panel 18 Watts 001-05105Retail Price: $459.00Sale Price: $399.00

Dulux Universal Charger Pack 011-05125Retail Price: $149.00Sale Price: $119.00
15 Foot Extension Cord 011-05127Retail Price: $15.00Sale Price: $12.00