Click to enlargePortable Solar Powered 
UV Water Sterilizer for 
Onsite Water Treatement

Solar portable UV water treatment system. Solar PV powered UV water sterilizer rated at 8 GPM.

This complete Solar Powered UV Disinfection System comes complete with Solar Power Pack, Pump, Dual filter Set and UV Chamber mounted on a Portable Cart.

This portable solar power supply uses a solar photovoltaic panel (PV) to charge a battery in turn, driving an inverter. This solid state solar power supply is ideal for disaster relief situations.

Designed for use in remote sites this portable uv water sterilization platform is excellent for disaster and emergency response. UV Water Sterilizers use multiple stages to remove particulates through stage one sediment filter.

The second stage uses a Carbon filter 0.5 Micron to remove odors, smells, chlorine, and many other smaller contaminates. The third stage is the actual UV irradiance that kills 99.99% of all pathogens.

This cleans your water so you can use the UV water sterilizer system on your Well water, municipal water or any other source where you suspect contamination.

Using this UV water sterilizer removes particulates, smells and odors and can be powered with low energy bulbs. Check each model to see the electrical draw.

Emergency responders, and Public Safety personnel find this useful for camps, and other sites where remote power doesn't exist. Use on a tropical island for potable water and other disaster, or emergency situations where water is compromised.

This complete Solar Powered UV sterilizing system is equipped to take brackish water and produce pathogen free potable water for your remote site and extreme location.

UV water sterilizer rated at 8 GPM. 12 VDC power system with Solar PV panel included.

Portable Solar Powered UV Water Sterilizer for Solar Water Treatment Onsite SYS250SPPRetail Price: $5,559.00Sale Price: $5,219.00