Click to enlargeUniversal Top-of-Pole mounting 
hardware for two PV panels

Top Pole Mounting Kit for Two (2) Solar PV Module Arrays. Use this attractive and durable top of pole mounting kit for your smaller battery charging home power off grid applications such as a small cabin. These two up top of pole mounts allow you to assemble your solar modules to the rack on the ground, then lift the masthead to the top of your 3" schedule #40 pole.

PowerDak are excellent Top-Of-Pole Mounts in the field. For a two panel system use 3" pole schedule 40 pipe to endure extreme weather.

Use top of pole mounting kits for solar water pumping systems to give greater voltage response under low lighting conditions, and greater current matching for your solar panels in strong sun.

Ideal for shallow pond pumps. Solar PV surface pumping for your home or garden. Wire in series for 24 VDC water pumping.

Use top of pole mounting for beautiful and practical solar pv mounting. Using top of pole mounts means you only prepare one footing, that is the sinking of the pipe. Ground mounts require four footing pads, where you've reduced this to one pipe installation saving money and time.

Solar pv panels mount nicely with this 2 up solar pv panel masthead mounting kit for your solar pv panels.

PowerDak Solar PV Top of Pole Mounts for 2 solar PV modules PDT-2Retail Price: $549.00Sale Price: $519.00