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Module Mount for 
One Solar PV Panel

Top of Pole Mounting Hardware kit for One (1) Solar PV Panel Array.

Use this beautiful top of pole mount for solar pv modules for garden and home based water pumping systems. Small surface pumps powered by this attractive and strong top of pole mounting kit is ideal.

The PowerDak line are proven Top-Of-Pole Mounting kits. For a one panel system use 2.5" pole schedule 40 pipe for strong and easy mounting.

Ideal for remote home power, solar water pumping, and solar battery charging systems.

Top Pole rack ideal for small water pumps. Sump pumps, 12 VDC pumping for garden irrigation. Water pumping ideal for this Top Pole PV mount. Use up to 85 watts for your 12 VDC battery charging system. Power Small LED lighting systems. Area lighting, security lighting and garage lighting. Super bright LED lighting power supply. Use Lighting controller for charging battery. Control your solar LED lighting system with lighting controller and sealed 12 VDC battery.

Top-of-pole mounting kits allow you to assemble and attach your solar pv panels to the rack and place on the top of your mounting pole. With only one hole to dig this is a great option for deploying one solar module easily.

Use top of pole masthead mounting kits to minimize the amount of site preparation you'll need. Keep your solar pv panels high above the ground on taller pipes keeping your solar panels more away from critters near the ground, and other obstacles in the way of the sun. Keep your solar pv panel well oriented toward the normal of the sun with a controllable solar angle offered by this top of pole mount.

Mount your single solar pv panel with this beautiful and strong top of pole mounting kit. Masthead kit for mounting one solar pv panel.

PowerDak Universal Solar PV Top of Pole Mount - 1 Solar PV Panel PDU-1Retail Price: $499.00Sale Price: $479.00