Click to enlargePowerDak Universal
Top of Pole Mounting
for 3 Solar PV Panels

Top of Pole Mounting Hardware for three (3) Solar PV Panel Arrays.

This attractive and well built solar pv panel top of pole masthead mounting kit offers ease of module assembly on the rack, easy of deployment on the mounting pole, and ease on solar pv panel interconnection.

Three solar PV panel mounts ideal for garden water pumping. Three 12 VDC solar PV panels in series for 36 VDC. Many surface, garden, and shallow submersible pumps.

Connect and deploy your solar pv panels for solar water pumping systems, home power off grid living for battery charging, and home power on grid net metering solar power systems for selling solar electricity back to the utility.

PowerDak are excellent Top-Of-Pole Mounts proven in field applications worldwide. For a Three panel system use 4" pole schedule 40.

Top-of-pole mounting is particularly attractive and gives a strong center of gravity to keep your solar pv panels secure in extreme weather events. Top of pole mounts are very popular with solar water pumping systems where you want the solar pv panels near your submersible, or surface pump to increase efficiency.

Top-of-pole masthead kits keep your solar pv panels off the ground, and clear of obstacles near the pole for a clear path to the sunlight.

Solar home power systems are using top of pole mounting because they look great and are one of the easiest to install in the field. Great choice for smaller submersible solar water pumping applications.

PowerDak Universal Solar Top of Pole Mounting for 3 Solar PV Panels PDUT-3Retail Price: $599.00Sale Price: $579.00