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Four (4) Solar PV Modules

Top of Pole Mounting Four (4) Solar PV Panel Arrays. Mounting your solar pv panels with a top of pole mounting rack gives you several advantages. You can assemble and bolt together your masthead kit on the ground, then lift on top of your pole. After you've mounted your masthead to the top of your pole, then wire your solar pv panels together under the shade of your panels.

Four (4) solar PV panel Top of Pole Rack. Ideal for small and middle size solar water pumping. Use 150 watt Solar PV panels in series for strong 48 VDC water pumping. Power surface or shallow well submersibles.

PowerDak are excellent Top-Of-Pole Mounts for field mounting. This top of pole mount kit is designed for four (4) panel system use 4" pole schedule 40.

Mount your solar pv panels with Top-of-pole mounting kits for a fast and strong way to keep your panels receiving the same solar angle. The PowerDak mounting hardware kit is tough and will last many years with great craftsmanship.

Use Top-of-pole mounts for keeping your panels off the ground, ensuring a clear path to the solar resource. These high quality Top-of-pole mounting for 4 solar PV panel arrays is beautiful and perfect for off grid home power battery charging, or smaller grid tie net metering systems using the SunnyBoy line of grid interconnected inverters.

Great top of pole mount for solar water pumping systems. Keeps the solar insolation angle even throughout the array creating great current-matching characteristics between the panels, this maximizes solar power and energy production from your solar panels.

PowerDak Universal Solar Top of Pole Mounting for 4 Solar PV panels PDUT-4Retail Price: $649.00Sale Price: $599.00