Click to enlargeUniversal Top of Pole
Mounting Hardware
for 6 Solar PV Panels

Top Pole Mounting Hardware for six (6) Solar PV Panels and modules.

Use top of pole mounting kits for home power off grid battery charging to maximize power and energy output. The PowerDak Top-Of-Pole Mounts for Six solar pv panels is robust and intended to last many years in the field. For a Six panel system use 6.0" pole schedule #40. Increase the power and energy of your solar electric PV panel module arrays using this top of pole mount.

Grid tie solar PV array mounting for 6 PV panels. Solar water pumping solar array for 144 VDC voltage. Solar PV mounting for Off-grid battery charging 12/24/48 VDC. Wire Solar PV panels in series for 48 VDC. Wire PV panels in parallel to add amps.

Use top of pole mounting hardware kits for your solar water pumping system to make field installation only one pole for six panels. These masthead mounting kits allow you to assemble the masthead on the ground and lift it onto the 6" pole. Once on the pole then interconnect your solar pv panels for the larger voltages used in solar water pumping and battery charging.

USe these Top-of-pole mounts to suspend your solar pv panels off the ground, clearing barriers for a clear path to the sun and solar energy production. Top-of-pole mounting for solar PV panel arrays offer a pleasing way to deploy your solar pv modules.

Solar home power systems that live off grid use solar panels to charge their battery bank. From your charged batteries you can power stand alone inverters to produce the normal AC power you're used to using. Top of pole mounting also helps keep each solar pv panel in your array getting an even amount of sunlight, that is at one dominate angle for each panel, this helps current match the panels.

Great choice for small solar submersible solar water pumping systems.

PowerDak Universal Solar PV Top of Pole Mounting for 6 Solar PV Panels PDUT-6PVRetail Price: $949.00Sale Price: $899.00