Click to enlargeUniversal Top of Pole
Mount for 8 Solar PV Panels
Grid Tie, Off-Grid,
Net Metering, Solar Water

Top Pole Mounting Eight (8) Solar PV Panel Arrays. Interconnect your modules in an easy access method deploying your solar pv panels using an attractive top of pole mounting kit.

Solar PV panels need high voltage outputs. Solar water pumps need strong voltage in low light. Cloudy conditions need all your solar PV panels working together. Current-matching solar modules means directing them in concert.

Solar grid-tie systems need current, and voltage matching. Use Top Pole mounting for 8 solar PV panels. Eight (8) 250 Watt PV panels wires in series up to 192 VDC.

PowerDak are excellent Top-Of-Pole Mounts for larger arrays. For an Eight panel system use 6.0" pole schedule 40. Increase the power and energy production by keeping your solar electric PV panel module arrays oriented towards the sun. Mount your larger solar arrays for solar water pumping systems, home power off grid battery charging systems, and home power grid tied net metering.

Top of pole mounts look great.

Top-of-pole mounts from PowerDak provide appealing and secure deployment of your solar power PV arrays for maximum output. PowerDak masthead mounting hardware kits give a racking product that will withstand hard environments including the tropics, mountains, and deserts.

Top-of-pole mounts are an easy way to keep your panels up off the ground, clearing local obstacles giving an open path to the sunlight. PowerDak Top-of-pole mounting kits for 8 solar PV panel arrays make wiring and interconnection more convenient when you deploy your solar pv modules.

This Eight (8) solar PV panel top of pole rack is made from lightweight and strong aluminum and and is designed for remote and extreme sites.

PowerDak Universal PV Solar Top of Pole mount for 8 Solar PV Panels PDUT-8Retail Price: $999.00Sale Price: $979.00