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Top of Pole mount
for 10 PV Panels

Top of Pole Mounting Ten (10) Solar PV Panels for large solar power systems. Used for solar water pumping, off grid home power battery charging, and home and commercial power net metering, these Top of Pole mounting kits are a great choice in solar power deployment.

Ten (10) solar PV panels at 240 watts each yields 2.5 Kw. Solar PV panels are wired in series to add voltage. High voltage wiring is easier in the field with Top Pole Mounts. Ten solar PV panels for Solar water pumping and high voltage wiring. Solar grid tie net metering uses solar strings. Combine your solar PV panels into high voltage strings. Combine your solar strings for higher power (42Kw) using SunnyTower. Grid tie net metering systems use Top Pole mounts.

PowerDak are excellent Top-Of-Pole Mounts. For a Ten (10) panel system use 6.0" pole schedule 40. Increase your energy and power production for your solar electric PV panel modules by using a solar energy tracker.

The ten solar module Top-of-pole mounts provides a masthead to attach to the top of your pole to deploy your solar PV panel arrays. PowerDak Top pole mounting hardware uses high quality manufacture that will tolerate and perform in extreme environments in the field.

Use Top-of-pole mounts as a convenient way to keep your panels off the ground, and to clear obstructions giving your solar pv panels a clear path to the sun. Top-of-pole mounting masthead hardware kits for 10 solar PV panel arrays also offer a great looking way to deploy your solar modules.

PowerDak mounting structures has a great reputation for quality and durability in the field, and are a great choice for your solar water pumping, home power or large battery charging application.

PowerDak Universal PV Solar Top of Pole mount for 10 Solar PV Panels PDUT-10Retail Price: $899.00Sale Price: $879.00