Click to enlargeUniversal Top of Pole
mount for 14 PV Panels

Top of Pole Mounting fourteen (14) Solar PV Module for large solar Arrays.

Mount your large solar arrays. Fourteen solar PV panels for large Voltage and Current outputs. Use DC lightning arrestors to protect your DC power bus. Solar Water submersible pumps need high-voltage. Interconnect your Solar PV panels (14) for large voltage outputs.

Solar off grid home power battery charging. Deploy your solar PV modules for off grid home power. For 12,24,48 VDC battery charging deployment. Wire solar PV panels in series to add voltage. Wire in parallel to add current (amps).

PowerDak are excellent Top-Of-Pole Mounts. For a Fourteen panel system use 8.0" pole schedule 40.

Top-of-pole mounts provide an attractive and practical way to deploy your solar PV arrays. PowerDak mounting hardware insures a quality product that will endure harsh environments in the field. Other options for increasing solar power and energy output is the use of passive or active tracking mounts. This Top of pole rack gives you adjustable solar angles and attractively deploys your solar pv panels.

Use for Solar water pumps and well pumps to increase current and voltage produced by your solar array. Top of pole mounts give you an easy access water to do your wiring and keeps everything relatively clean.

Use Top-of-pole mounts as a convenient way to keep your panels off the ground, and to clear local obstacles to insure a clear path to the sun. Top-of-pole mounting for solar PV panel arrays also offer a beautiful way to deploy your solar pv modules.

If you're mounting one PV panel or up to 14 panels PowerDak has a reputation for quality and durability in the field. Designed for larger solar pv arrays this 14 solar module rack is excellent for tough easy access solar deployment.

Ship Weight: 145 lb.

PowerDak Universal Solar PV Top of Pole mount for 14 Solar PV panels PDUT-14Retail Price: $1,399.00Sale Price: $1,299.00