Click to enlargePower Panel PS2
3,600 VAC 
48 VDC

Solar Off-Grid Inverter/Charger Power Panel. OutBack power panel rated at 3.6 Kw AC. Single phase 120 VAC. Outback inverter model VFX3648. Battery charging voltage 48 VDC. Battery charger 45 Amps.

Off grid inverter power panel Outback PS2 assembled power systems include inverter(s), AC enclosure inverter bypass, DC enclosure, inverter disconnect breaker and shunt, all mounted to a back plate and wired. charge controllers and battery cables and displays are not included.

Solar PV remote home power charge controllers, additional AC and DC input and load breakers can be added at the time of assembly.

UL Listed for full NEC compliance.

Model OBPS2-VFX3648S Type PS2

Inverters (1) VFX3648 rated at 3.6 Kw 120 VAC

DC Voltage: 48 Volts

Battery Charger 45 Amp

Off-grid power panels off high reliability. Build your independent power supply with a comprehensive Power Panel from OutBack. 3.6 Kw AC off grid inverter for remote home power systems.

Solar Off-Grid Inverter Power Panel Outback PS2 Power 3.6 Kw at 48VDC 033-1045Retail Price: $3,592.00Sale Price: $3,499.00