Click to enlargePowerStream Electric Tankless Water Heater

These water heater are very small, designed to be installed at the point of use, thereby eliminating a long pipe run. They are sized to supply hot water to one specific application. A common application is a remote sink, such as a for bathroom in an office building or a service station.

This unit features a thermostat to set output water temperature. Set the temperature for comfortable hand washing- no need to mix in cold water. PowerStream provides hot water instantly. No waiting. No wasting water, or electricity.

Hot water electric tankless water heater for hot water on demand.

Will run one small appliance (low flow shower, sink, etc) at a time.

-Up to 1.5 gallons per minute (GPM)

-Exclusive thermostatic control for constant output temperature

-Mounts horizontally only

-Up to 82F rise over input (cold) water temp

-0.75 GPM minimum flow rate

-Dimensions: (H)6" x (W)12" x (D)3"

-Weight: 5 lbs


Warranty: Entire unit- 1 year, Heat exchanger- 5 years

Tankless Electric PowerStream RP12T Electric Tankless Water Heater 1.5 GPM RP12TRetail Price: $398.00Sale Price: $350.00