Click to enlargeProStar Charge Controller
for 48 VDC Systems up
to 15 Amps

Solar off grid charge controller for 48 VDC battery charging up to 15 Amps. Solar PV panels need voltage regulation when charging batteries. Protect your Solar PV panel and solar module battery charging system with a durable and high performance Solar PV charge Controller ProStar Charge Controller Model: PS-15M-48V

Durable and sophisticated line of PV charge controllers incorporates constant voltage PWM to make maximum use of valuable PV power. They have automatic equalization, temperature compensation and very high efficiency.

Charge-controllers can be used on 12/24/48 VDC solar pv systems. Charge sealed, gel and wet-cell lead-acid batteries. Front panel LEDs indicate when the batteries are being charged and relative battery state of charge. Reverse polarity protection on input and output. In the event of a load short circuit, the load is automatically disconnected.

Charge-controller M models include LCD meter of battery voltage, PV charging current, and load current.

Low voltage LVD is current-compensated to prevent false disconnect when the battery is heavily loaded. Units are conformal coated to guard against corrosion.

Dimensions: 6.01" x 4.14" x 2.2". 5-year warranty.

Excellent choice for your Solar PV battery charging systems up to 15 Amps.

Solar PV Panel Charge Controller ProStar Charge Controller 48 VDC 15 Amps 020-01126Retail Price: $259.00Sale Price: $249.00