ProSine True Sine Wave
Inverter 2,000 Watts AC
12 VDC

Xantrex ProSine Inverter

The ProSine 2000 is a compact and lightweight True Sine Wave inverter with automatic power-saving search-mode when no load is present. Off grid inverter rated at 2,000 watts AC. Batteries charged at 12 VDC.

Use SolarTech solar PV panels 125 watts 12 VDC. Charge your batteries (then use this inverter) with solar pv panels. Wind generators, with 12 VDC voltage regulators, are excellent battery chargers.

ProSine 2000 off grid inverter is ideal for remote battery systems solar and wind. Use wind generators for 12 VDC such as Air 30, Air 40, Air X, and Air Breeze wind turbines.

This model has No internal battery charger. The LCD meter control panel on inverter shows battery voltage, amps from battery, and bar graph of AC output watts and indicates overload, overheat, high or low voltage. CSA approved to UL standards.

Excellent quality True Sine Wave inverter.

Weight: 24 lbs.

The ProSine 2000/12 is a 2,000 watt sine wave inverter with a 4,500 watt surge for 5 secords, plus a 3-stage standby 100 Amp battery charger. An LCD display/remote control panel and 70 foot cable are included.

When there is no load on the inverter it goes into a idle mode of under 2 watts to save power. It is protected against short circuit, over-temperature, overload, and low voltage.

The ProSine 2000 has a 30 Amp AC transfer relay that passes utility or generator power to house when generator or utility is connected, and charges battery.

Then when generator (or utility) cuts offit automatically switches back to inveter within 16 milliseconds.

Solar Off-Grid ProSine True Sine Wave Inverter 2000 Watts AC at 12 VDC 030-0921Retail Price: $1,499.00Sale Price: $1,399.00