Click to enlargeSolar Submersible Water
Pump rated at 11 GPM
up to 300 watts Solar

Solar PV water pump rated at 11 GPM.

Pump water from your well with Lorentz PS200 series water pumps. Solar Water Pumping using submersible pumps keeps the electronics above ground, and your work horse pump below-ground. Up to 168 foot lift. Using up to 300 watts of solar PV at 24 or 48 Volts.

Wire your solar PV panels 12 VDC in series for higher voltages. Pump with this submersible pump using Solar charged batteries (12/24 VDC).

Solar PV submersible pump features maintenance free operation in the field. High-reliability, with a life expectancy with a 2 years. Lorentz has built thousands of pumps and has them installed worldwide. Great experience with a great reputation for survivability.

Submersible Solar Water Pump for drinking water supply, livestock watering, pond management, and irrigation. Designed for 4" wells and larger.

Advanced pumping controller (mounted on the surface) indicates your system status, and efficient power management. Helical rotor style pump system.

Enclosure: IP54 weather proof (NEMA type 3R), MET/UL Certified.

LORENTZ solar pumps are well respected for deep well solar pumping. Used for pressurization, pipeline, irrigation, circulation, household water supplies, livestock watering and agricultural irrigation.

Pump from your deep well with solar PV panels driving this Lorentz submersible pump.

Solar-powered pumping systems are built for performance int he field. Designed for high efficiency. Much lower power consumption compared with standard utility AC-powered pumps. Submersible pumps with efficient design and reliability are in high demand. Control electronics are located at the pump surface - not down your well. Solar pv submersible system offers a pump end, pump motor and a surface pump controller to complete the package.

Solar Water Pump PS200 Solar Submersible Water Pump rated at 11 GPM pssosuwapura