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Rated at 240 Watts

REC Solar PV module rated at 240 Watts at 24 VDC.

Great solar pv panel when you need industrial sun. Solar power from this 240 watt panel is excellent for home power both off grid and grid tied. Use arrays of these 240 watt solar panels up to a maximum string voltage of 600 Volts. This high power high quality PV panel from REC is great for solar water pumping systems because of strong voltage production in low light conditions.


REC solar is vertically integrated and is also on e of the world's major suppliers of solar-grade silicon materials. High standard quality control throughout the solar cell and solar module production from high grade silicon to solar cell to module. REC offers -0/+5W power tolerances for minimal current mismatch in solar cell interconnection.

REC PE Series modules are made with silicon refined in the States using renewable energy in their production.

This 240 Solar PV panel with weight (39.6 lbs/18 kg) enables quick and easy installation in the field. The REC solar modules are equipped with an environmentally sealed junction box and PV Wire interconnection cables using Hosiden connectors for quick and clean module interconnection. These PV Wire Output cables meet 2011 NEC standards for use with transformerless grid tie inverters and all modules are Listed to UL 1703 for the US and Canada for regulatory affairs. Great for Solar rebate and USDA grants.


This Solar REC 240 Watt module comes with a 25-year power performance guarantee that allows for no more than 0.7% degradation per year.

Solar panel Voltage (Peak): 30.4 V

Solar panel Amperage (Peak): 7.9 A

Solar panel Voltage (Open Circuit): 37.7 V

Solar panel Amperage (Short-circuit): 8.4 A

Dimensions: (Inches/mm) 65.55 x 39.02 x 1.5 (1665 x 991 x 38)

Maximum System Voltage: 600 V

Module Area Efficiency: 14.5%

Weight: 42 lb.

REC Solar PV Panel Solar Module rated 240 Watts PV panel for Battery Charging 011-02583Retail Price: $449.00Sale Price: $399.00