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Handheld RFID

Designed for use with EV charging stations enabled with RFID the RFID-accessible versions are available for all outdoor-rated EV Link charging stations made by Shneider electric. This controller enables the user to set up and manage up to 480 users for each charging station by issuing authentication cards.

Call at 503-791-9567 to order a ten (10) pack of cards.

Authentication cards for this EV chargers and associated pin numbers can be activated or inactivated for each charging station using the handheld programmer.

Program your EV Charging Station that is RFID enabled with Shneider Electric's Handheld Programmer for ease of use and management from remote sites.

The EV station RFID enabled EV Charging Station from Shneider electric provides a means of managing your EV Charging customers or users with convenience. With programmable ID cards each user has the convenience and functionality of just reading their card at the pedestal and begin charging.

Shipping weight: 5 lb.

RFID Handheld Programmer 089-01507Retail Price: $249.00Sale Price: $239.00