Click to enlargeDeep Cycle Industrial
Battery 6 Volts at
546 Ah

Off grid deep cycle battery rated at 546 Ah. Battery cell voltage 6 VDC. Combine these deep cycle batteries for large battery banks. Combine for 12/24/48 VDC battery bank.

Ideal for solar PV and wind generator home power systems.The Rolls/Surrette Industrial Deep Cycle Battery is an excellent choice for your commercial or industrial battery bank needs.

Durable construction with dual container design Rolls Deep Cycle Industrial Flooded batteries from Surrette are high-capacity batteries with a heavy-duty plate grid to resist positive plate breakdown. The plates are double insulated with a glass mat and a polyethylene envelope to prevent separator misalignment, cracked separators, treeing, or shorting at the bottoms or sides. Rolls batteries are rated at 3200 cycles at 50% depth of discharge.

Use Solar PV panels to charge your battery bank. REC Solar PV panels 250 watts 24 VDC. SolarTech 125 watt 12 VDC. Combine in series connections to match your battery voltage.

Deep cycle deep discharge for solar and wind home power. Deep discharge off grid 2 VDC cell is built into its own lightweight container made of durable polypropylene with the cover thermally bonded to the container to prevent acid leakage. The cells are then assembled into a tough, lightweight polyethylene outer container with a removable lid. Even if the outer case is broken, the battery remains operable and spill-free.

Each ndividual cell of the CS and KS series are bolted together allowing the battery to be disassembled. The cells can be independently removed, which facilitates easy on-site installation, disassembly, assembly, or replacements of individual cells without special skills or tools. All 5000 Series Rolls Batteries, including the CS & KS models, come with a 10-year limited warranty, 3-year full warranty, and 7-year prorated warranty.

Model: 6-CS-17PS

Dimensions (Inches): 22 x 8.25 x 18.25

Weight: 221 lbs.

Rolls/Surrette Deep Cycle Batter 6 Volts at 546 Ah 040-02232ERetail Price: $1,095.00Sale Price: $999.00