Click to enlargeDeep Cycle Industrial
Battery 8 Volts at
546 Ah

Off-grid large battery for solar and wind home power. Battery rated at 546 Ah. Battery voltage for each cell 8 VDC. Combine for 24/48 VDC battery banks. Intended for large solar PV off grid battery banks. Wind generators such as Whisper 100 charge at 24/48 VDC. Combine solar PV panels and wind generators for ideal battery charging. Rolls/Surrette Industrial Deep Cycle Batteries are an excellent choice for your residential, commercial, or industrial battery bank.

Rugged dual container Rolls Deep Cycle Industrial Flooded batteries from Surrette are high-capacity batteries with a heavy-duty plate grid to resist positive plate breakdown. The plates are double insulated with a glass mat and a polyethylene envelope to prevent separator misalignment, cracked separators, treeing, or shorting at the bottoms or sides. Rolls batteries are rated at 3,200 cycles at 50% depth of discharge. Tough battery for serious loads.

Deep discharge 2 VDC cells are built into lightweight containers made of durable polypropylene. The cover is thermally bonded to the container to prevent acid leakage. Deep cycle cells are then assembled into a tough, lightweight polyethylene outer container with a removable lid. Even if the outer case is broken, the battery remains operable and spill-free.

Deep cycle individual cells of the CS and KS series are bolted together allowing the battery to be disassembled. The cells can be independently removed, which facilitates easy on-site installation, disassembly, assembly, or replacements of individual cells without special skills or tools. All 5000 Series Rolls Batteries, including the CS & KS models, come with a 10-year limited warranty, 3-year full warranty, and 7-year prorated warranty.

Model: 8-CS-17PS

Dimensions (Inches): 28.25 x 8.25 x 18.25

Weight: 294 lbs.

Rolls/Surrette Deep Cycle Battery 8 Volts at 546 Ah 040-02247ERetail Price: $1,449.00Sale Price: $1,349.00