Sanyo N215A Type PV Module
Side-of-Pole Mount for
One (1) Solar PV Panel

Side Pole Mounts for your Solar PV Panels module arrays. Side of pole mounting kit for one (1) 215 watt solar PV panel from Sanyo. Side pole mounting for solar LED lighting and solar water pumping. Side pole kit mounts 215 watt 24 VDC solar PV panel. Solar battery charging 24 VDC.

Solar Side-of-Pole Mounts for 215 watt PV panel for remote home power. OFf-grid power side pole mounted gives your panels clear view of the sun. Side pole mounting is easy to install. Keep your solar PV panels off the ground. Off-grid Side-of-Pole mounts are a great way to deploy your Sanyo Solar PV Arrays.

Off-grid Solar PV Side of Pole Mount Model: DP-SPM1-SY215

Number of Sanyo Solar 215 watt 24 VDC PV Modules: 1

Module Make: Sanyo

Side pole mounts include Stainless-steel mounting hardware with each Mount. Side pole Stainless-steel band clamps are included with each solar side pole mount for attaching to poles.

Solar side pole mounts can be mounted to vertical flat surfaces as well as poles for versatility. Off-grid PV Side of Pole mounts keep Solar PV panels above the ground for safety. Side pole mounting kit for 215 watt 24 VDC solar PV panel.

Solar Side of pole mounting hardware provides an easy yet strong way to deploy your solar PV panel for remote solar loads.

Weight: 45 lb.

Sanyo Solar PV Panel 215 Watts Solar Side-of-Pole Mount (1) Solar PV Panel 013-09688Retail Price: $499.00Sale Price: $479.00