Sanyo N215A Type PV Panel
Side-of-Pole Mount for
Two (2) PV Panels

Side pole mounting kit for two (2) 215 watt Solar PV panels. Solar PV Panel module arrays can be Side Pole Mounted for strength. Off-grid side pole mounting kit for solar water 24/48 VDC pumps.

Solar PV Side-of-Pole Mounts deploy your solar PV array for home power and battery charging 24/48 VDC. Strong Side-of-Pole mounts deploy your Solar PV panel Array.

PV Solar Side of Pole Mount Model: DP-SPM2-SY215

Number of Sanyo 215 Watt 24 VDC Solar PV Modules: 2

Solar PV Module Make: Sanyo

Solar off-grid side pole Stainless-steel mounting hardware included with each side pole Mount. Rugged Stainless-steel band clamps included with each PV side pole mount for attaching side pole kit to poles.

Side pole PV brackets can be mounted to vertical flat surfaces, and to poles. Strong Side of Pole mount has advantages of keeping your Solar PV panels above the ground. Side pole solar PV mounting kit.

Strong solar Side of pole mounting hardware keeps your solar PV panels out of harms way. Durable for high wind loading and temperature cycling.

Weight: 87 lb.

Sanyo Solar Module 215 Watt PV Panel Side-of-Pole Mount (2) Solar PV Panels 013-09689Retail Price: $799.00Sale Price: $779.00