Click to enlargeSix (6) blemished
Sanyo 215 Watt PV Panels
Total Power:  1,290 Watts

Six (6) Sanyo Solar PV Module Models: HIP-215NHA6-HITPO.

Off grid and grid tie solar PV panels. Cosmetic blemish has no impact on power output. Solar PV panels (6) for solar array of 1.29 Kw DC. Solar pv panels for battery charging. Solar PV Panels for grid tie solar net metering. Save money with slight cosmetic blemishes.

Sanyo HIT N Series solar cells are hybrids of mono-crystalline silicon surrounded by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers, and are available solely from Sanyo Solar.

Total Power Rating: 1,290 Watts DC

Each Panel:

Power Rating: 215 Watts

Voltage (peak): 35.3 VDC

Amps (peak): 5.13 Amps

Voltage (open-circuit): 51.6 VDC

Amps (short-circuit): 5.61 Amps

Solar PV module area efficiency as high as 17.8%, you can obtain maximum power within a fixed amount of space. Sanyo modules are also well known for superior kWh production over time.

Sanyo Solar PV HIT Power N solar modules are less susceptible to high temperatures and can produce 10% or more electricity (kWh) than conventional crystalline silicon solar modules at the same temperature.

Fire rating: class C

Connector type: MC4

Cable length (inch (m): 46.45 (1.18)

Max. system voltage (UL) volts: 600 VDC

Series fuse rating amps: 15 Amps

Dimensions (L x W x D) inch (mm): 62.2 x 31.4 x 1.8 [1580 x 798 x 46]

SANYO Solar produces silicon wafers in California and Oregon, and the modules are assembled in an ISO 9001 (quality), 14001 (environment), and 18001 (safety) certified factory in Japan.

Solar pv panel modules have a limited 20-year power output and 5-year product workmanship warranty. UL Listed for the U.S. and Canada.

Weight lb. [kg]: 35.3 [16]

Total Weight: 225 lb.

Sanyo Six (6) Blemished 215 Watt Solar PV Panels HPO - 1,290 PV Watts SANHPO-215-6-BLRetail Price: $2,199.00Sale Price: $1,999.00