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Schneider Electric Large Battery
Amp-Hour Meter

Schneider Electric 500 Amp-Hour Meter with Shunt.

Schneider Electric 500 Amp-Hour Meter Model: TM-500NS

Measure your large battery banks with this top of the line Meter. The 500 Ah Meter TM-500A is housed in a special package with a fuse and fuse holder. The display shows volts, amps, amp-hours and percent, without changing mode. Just install the shunt, plug the special six-conductor cable into the shunt and meter to make all the connections in one click.

Meter shows days since fully charged, cumulative amp-hours, recharge indicator, low-voltage indicator, and full-charge indicator. Comes with a 50' six-conductor cable with jacks, fuse, and a special 500A/50mV shunt.

Monitor battery banks up to 2,550 amp-hours.

Use the 48 VDC adapter for 48 VDC systems.

Dimensions: 4.55" x 4.55" x 1.725"

2-year warranty.

Schneider Electric 500 Amp-Hour Meter without Shunt 028-01403Retail Price: $479.00Sale Price: $459.00

Schneider Electric 500 Amp-Hour Meter 48 VDC Adaptor scel500amme41Retail Price: $79.00Sale Price: $74.00