Click to enlargeSchott Poly 220 to 235 Watt PV Panel
Ground Mount for 
Six (6) PV Panels

Ground mount rack for off-grid and grid-tie solar arrays. Ground mount six (6) large Schott Solar PV Panel ground mount rack. Rack 6 Schott solar 220-235 watt solar PV panels. Wire in series for increased voltage for battery charging and grid-tie net-metering. Wire in parallel to build charging amps. Ideal for remote home power, and solar water pumping systems.

Ground Mount rack kit for 6 large 220-235 watt PV panels.

Ideal for off-grid solar battery charging systems. Charge 24/48 VDC battery banks. Mount 4 large solar PV panels for remote solar water pumping systems. Off-grid Two-Tier Ground Mounting racks are tough and rugged made from 6061-T6 Structural Aluminum extrusions for long life onsite.

Grid-tie and off-grid Ground Mount Kit designed for stable and rugged footing. Easy installation and mounting for your Schott Solar PV Panels. Mounting rack for 6 Solar PV Panels on these ground mounts with adjustable legs to set the tilt angle as you desire. Solar PV ground mount racks are a secure and attractive way to mount your solar PV modules into solar PV panel arrays.

Number of Schott Solar 220-235 watt 24 VDC Solar PV Modules: 6

Weight: 117 lb.

Schott Solar PV Panel 220-235 Watt Panel Ground Mount Six (6) PV Panels 013-09772Retail Price: $899.00Sale Price: $849.00