Click to enlargeSchott SCT-210 Solar PV
Module Array Tracking for
Eight (8) PV Panels

Solar top pole PV tracker for eight (8) Schott 210 watt PV modules. Solar tracker for 210 watt 24 VDC solar PV panels. Ideal for off-grid remote solar PV battery charigng 24/48 VDC. Great solar grid-tie tracker for high voltage net-metering inverters. Solar PV tracker increases energy dramatically from your solar PV panel arrays.

Wattsun Solar Tracker Model: AZ-225-8-Schott-SCT210

Solar Module Manufacturer: Schott

Number of Solar PV Modules: 8

Solar PV trackers ideal for off-grid and grid-tie solar power keeps your solar PV panels facing the sun. Direct solar energy increases greatly with solar PV tracking.

Wattsun off grid and grid-tie trackers use advanced sensors and control technology. Cloudy or overcast skies make the solar PV tracker controller fixate on the brightest part of the sky.

At night the solar PV tracker returns to the morning sunrise position. Tracker is then ready to start tracking when the sun rises again in the morning. Solar PV Tracking can increase a PV array's power production from 10 to 50 percent.

AZ-225 Tracker for large solar PV array ideal for solar water pumping, battery charging 24/48 VDC, and grid-tie PV systems.

Large solar PV tracker mounts over 2 kW of solar panels for large arrays. It is powered by a 24 VDC motor driving a heavy duty worm drive.

Solar PV off-grid and grid-tie tracker masthead ounts on an 8-inch Schedule 40 steel pole, or 8-inch Schedule 80 pole if designated as "8"/80 in the manual instruction.

Solar tracker for large 9 panel Schott solar PV array. Mount and track solar PV panels 210 wattss 24 VDC ideal for solar water pumping, grid-tie solar net-metering or large solar battery charging 24/48 VDC.

Weight: 137 lb.

Schott Solar Module PV 210 Watt Solar PV Panel Tracker (8) Solar PV Panels scscsopvpatrRetail Price: $5,795.00Sale Price: $5,495.00