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Free Battery (6 Volts)
Use in Any Position!

Sealed Maintenance-Free Battery for your Solar or Wind energy systems.

As you design your next solar or wind power system consider the advantages of sealed maintenance free deep cycle batteries at 6 VDC. Wire in series to increase voltage, and wire in parallel to increase current these sealed batteries are a great choice for your middle sized solar PV panel or wind generator battery charging system.

The well proven UB63800 Sealed maintenance free battery is an excellent choice for your serious battery bank. Using the 6 Volt work horse of the UB63800 you can wire in series to produce 12 Volt DC, 24 Volt DC, and 48 VDC power banks. Used in remote power supplies, residential loads, and light commercial applications when you need to run large loads.

Nominal Voltage: 6 Volts DC

Discharge Rate:

20 Hours (19 A): 380 Ah

10 Hours (36 A): 360 Ah

5 Hours (63 A): 315 Ah

Approximate Weight: 123 lbs. (55.7 Kg)

Length: 11.6" (295 mm), Width: 7.1" (180 mm), Height: 15.9" (405 mm)

Terminal Height: 16.8" (426 mm)

Absorbant Glass Matt (AGM) technology give superior performance in the field. These batteries are valve regulated and have a spill proof construction. This is a tough battery.

Safe operation in any position!

This sealed battery is Approved for transport by Air DOT, LA.TA. FAA and CAB certified UL recognized under file number: MH 20567

Ship weight: 128 lb. each

Sealed Maintenance-Free Deep Cycle 6 Volt Battery UB63800Retail Price: $429.00Sale Price: $399.00